As a part of a group which has more than 30 years of experience, JSK has specialized in the manufacture of textiles and especially the “JEAN”. Our expertise is proven in that field: we know to adapt to the demands of our numerous customers.
We offer a wide range of products, from entry level to reference qualities. Our quality/price ratio is unbeatable.Over the years, we also specialized in the service and marketing of our know-how, which have earned us a solid and positive reputation. Our requirements reflect our constant concern to provide quality services to each of our customers.
We are established in Bangladesh for nearly 30 years. The reason why we succeeded in being there for so long is that we never stopped believing that QUALITY is essential : in the development of our products as well as in the conditions in which they are made. The motivation of our employees and efficiency go hand in hand. Our group is still growing and evolving. Today we have 3 branches in several towns: Paris, Hong Kong and Dhaka. We employ more than 160 employees who work on several continents.
Choose us as a privileged partner is a guarantee that you get connected to a network which has an international scope. We are also present in the major and essential international trade shows where you can meet us.

Our dynamic team of experts works in total synergy. From different countries and diverse backgrounds these cosmopolitan talents, these fashion designers and globe-trotters have eclectic tastes and interests which are their source of inspiration. They are constantly inquiring, on the lookout for new trends while being connected to the market reality. They instil freshness and colour to our creations.

Fashion tends to be uniform throughout the world, thereby limiting consumers' choices and ignoring their desire to distinguish themselves by what they wear. That's why our designers create original and affordable collections taking into account the commitment to quality and detail.

Our collections are constantly updated while maintaining our inimitable know-how.

Our methods

Few companies know how to implement business successfully in Bangladesh. JSK is a pioneer since it is one of the companies to have acquired a sampling and trading office.

Our French and Bangladeshi offices are identical. They are both connected by a single computer system, the BSM (Business Social Memory), that we created. This highly successful program is the cornerstone of JSK. Its benefits are: transparency, traceability, real-time sharing of common databases, fluidity in the exchange of information between France and Bangladesh.

Between Paris and Dhaka, each player involved in the process of answering your inquiries and executing your orders can instantly track the processing of his or her cases. Thanks to the BSM, we are far more competitive. This tool that we have created has an impact on our performance. It allows us to focus on our core business, and avoid excessive costs.

As a matter of fact, it reduces a number of issues that are not value-added, and it helps provide maximum information that can be exploited in the direct management of clients' business, for example, tracking orders on the web.

We thus focus on the quality we give to the processing of your orders and respect for your deadlines.

Bangladesh, men and our values.

JSK remarkably combines social values and business imperatives. The textile industry is a pillar of the economy of Bangladesh. It has helped reduce poverty in the country, in just twenty years.

It’s a fact that production costs are lower than in China, for example, where it is more and more difficult to gain market share. Also, by establishing ourselves in Bangladesh, we have taken into account the economic, the customs settings and the mentality, wants and needs of our partners and employees.

For nearly 30 years, we have made it a point of honour to work for our employees' welfare. For instance, we implemented tools, training (computer, photography… ) in order to enable them to work in a unifying, challenging and fulfilling environment.

At JSK, we consider it of primary importance to make the enterprise flexible so that each employee can develop his abilities, skills and creativity. We aim to create a social dialogue that also focuses on economic choices, to provide the means to work in good conditions ... So many means of action which help to invent new business competitiveness reconciling human and social needs with the common good and the industry ...

The key to our success is the quality and the commitment we attach to our work as well as the respect we have for all the people with whom we work.

The adoption of fair and ethical labour practices as well as the promotion of human rights is essential to the continued success of our reputation. We expect our business partners to respect the high standards we have set. JSK’s Code of Conduct includes best ethical practices as well as an endorsement of internationally recognised labour practice standards.



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